Frequently Asked Questions


What is Coliving ?

Co-living is a modern way of living better together. It is an amalgamation of convenient, affordable city-living and inspiring community living. With shared spaces, events and gatherings hosted often, our residents can indulge in a rich and an engaging network of people, perspectives and experiences.

What is Liveasy ?

We give you the perfect lifestyle, with imperfect yet perfect roommate(s) and an ambience that is your kind of peace. Our spaces are furnished and designed to create an environment which resonates with you. Liveasy creates a community for you to experience life to the fullest

Why Choose Liveasy ?

Liveasy provides beautiful co-living spaces at affordable prices. When you move into our property, everything will be provided for, ensuring a hassle free stay. Above all, you get to stay with super awesome people. We strive to engage our community with exciting events.

Why did we feel it was important to start Liveasy ?

In our busy lifestyle, Liveasy aims to provide affordable and well managed residential solutions to everyone. By bringing people together, Liveasy strives to build a diverse and versatile community that can support and nurture its residents and to bring out their maximum potential in the ever harmonious spaces they live in. We want to enable you to truly "Liveasy"


How can I Schedule a visit ?

Eithrer one of the simple three ways : 1. Click the ‘Book a Tour’ option, where you can choose the date and time of visit based on your convenience 2. Call us at the number provide on the property website and we'll schedule a visit for you.
3. Use the "Request a Call Back" option to provide us your contact information and our agents will get in touch with you.

Who will be my co-tenants ?

Your co-tenants will be individuals from different walks of life, who might start-off as a stranger and then become the best of friends. In order to ensure safety of all tenants, a Background verification is carried out on everyone, for which tenants are required to submit an ID proof copy (Aadhaar/Passport).

What is the minimum duration of stay ?

We’d like you to stay with us for a minimum of 3 months. The longer, the better.

What is the Security Deposit ?

2 month’s rent and you’re all set. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

Can I pay the deposit in parts ?

Unfortunately, No ! :(

Are all Liveasy properties the same ?

We try to standardize our offerings as much as possible. Some services are subject to inclusivity and availability which differs from property to property, depending upon the area, building facilities and other factors. We suggest you schedule a visit before you book the place to understand the vibes of the property.

What are the Amenities available ?

High speed WiFi, DTH, Housekeeping, community events and access to community area (where available) and more. Don't worry, All these are on us and you just need to enjoy it.

What about Electricity Charges ?

Electricity charges are on actuals and not included in the monthly payment. Electricity charges will include “Energy Charges (Current consumption charges)”, “Fixed Charges for Contracted Load”, “E Tax” as stipulated by the State Government.

Are Couples allowed ?

Yes. :) We’ve created Liveasy to help you live life just the way it should be lived, with lots of fun and loads of laughter. So bring your bae along, we don’t mind.

Are pets allowed ?

No! :( We sincerely apologise to the paw patrol.

How do I book the place if I like it ?

Booking the place is as simple as paying a token amount of INR 4000/- which can be done through our website or on-site.Paying the token reserves a space for you in our community. Until then, space would be available for anyone interested.As we are exclusively reserving the space for you, the token amount will be non-refundable, in case you decide to cancel your reservation.

When will I get my room keys ?

As soon as you’re done with the onboarding process i.e. Payment of two months’ deposit and the prorated rent for the move-in month and eSigning your agreement, our Community Manager will perform a move-in audit with you at the property, following which your keys will be handed over to you .


How is a regular day at Liveasy ?

Waking up each day based on your convenience has been made easier - for we take care of the scut work, have your home cleaned spick and span by our housekeeping crew while you can choose to spend your day working/relaxing at home or at our shared spaces designed to inspire and collaborate with the desired community. Indulge yourself to some networking and meaningful conversations with other members. Head to your private spaces when slumber takes over, or when you're in need of some serene alone time. That's the beauty of co-living at Liveasy. It's a wonderful balance of personal and social life, under one roof - A place where you can, Liveasy!

How do I pay my rent ?

Rental Payments happen through the app or Online transfer. Cash payment is not accepted. The rent is due before the 7th of the calendar month. If you miss the date, we will have no option but to charge you a late fee as per agreement.

Can I shift to a Liveasy property at another location ?

You’ll have to to let us know one month in advance and we’ll take care of a seamless transfer. If your new rent is higher, you'll have to pay the difference in security deposit. In case of lower rent, the difference in the security deposit will be adjusted in next month's rent. In order to prep your earlier bed for new tenants, a deep cleaning charge of Rs. 1,500/- will be applicable.

What if I have trouble adapting to my roommate ?

As a co-living space, we’re all about inclusivity and community living. We always encourage you to look for connections in the people you meet here and discourage any form of discriminations. However, we put your comfort first, so If you have trouble adjusting, we advise you to opt for a private room. Please note that any shift is subject to availability.

Can I refer my friends to Liveasy ?

Staying with your friends is not only emotionally rewarding, but now financially as well. Both of you can enjoy a referral discount Rs.1000* off on your next month rent.

Are visitors allowed ?

Sure , you are always welcome to bring your friends and family till 8PM.

Can I have my friend / family stay ?

Sure you can, but in accordance with our Guest Policy. Be sure to inform the Community Manager at the property and provide a copy of the Guest's ID proof.

What if I want to vacate earlier ?

We hate to see you go, but if you have to, early move-out will require you to notify us one month in prior via email to avoid Notice Period Charges. However, since the space is exclusively reserved for you until the end of the calendar month, you are required to pay the rent for the entire month.

What is the move-out process ?

On the day of your move-out, you are required to complete the move-out audit along with the Community Manager at the property.

When will my security deposit be refunded ?

Your Security Deposit, in accordance with your agreement with Liveasy and move-out audit deductions (if any), will be refunded to you in 15 working days from the move-out date.

How can I extend my stay ?

We are glad to know that you'll be staying with us longer. Extension will require you to inform us via email at least 2 weeks prior to your contract end date. Following which the Agreement for your extended period will be shared for eSigning. That's it, you are good to go.